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Saturday 23th November

10:00 - 18:00




At Saturday 23th November there will be EXPO with many and great artists, companies and projects from different countries who show their work. Artists who sell the gifts, arts or books. Organisations, companies or training programme show their goals and experts in a specific field. During this day there will be a special coffee with beans that are origin from different countries. In the same building of EXPO there will be workshops. The visitors enjoy a day with full of access to information in sign language, an inspiration from artists and companies for future cooperations. 

Who will be attending?


Berta Frigola Sole is a deaf woman and lesbian artist who uses her skills and imagination through the use of art. Her aim is to raise awareness about the feminist lesbian community. The linear illustrations she creates and the colours used are aimed to give messages about the lesbian world. You can purchase posters and postcards from her. Keep your eyes peeled! See Berta's Instagram here. Come and visit her EXPO stand. 


Lisa van der Mark & Stephanie Floux, from Protactile Europe aims to improve tactile communication with and among Deafblind people in Europe. We are PRO tactile communication, PRO Deafblind culture, PRO Deafblind everything! Meet them and get know more about DeafBlinds. 


Pavel Anbu škrabák, a coffee specialist who makes coffee with special coffee beans from different countries. With his expert he explains about the origin of coffee beans and how to make a good coffee. Next to the coffee bar there will be different kinds of delights made by the students of the Guyot school for deaf. Meet him and drink his special coffee!


'Daniel Schoevaart is a comic artist, he have been drawing since he was a kid. His style is inspired by Belgian comic characters, Donald Duck and manga. Daniel's favorite subjects are the 90's and dark humor.

During the EXPO you can see his most recent work and request a small drawing of yourself, your favorite superhero, your love or whatever you like!' See his Facebook and Instagram here. Come and visit his EXPO stand.


Meyad Ndaye is from Palestine and is very active for the Arab community there. Now she lives in Berlin, Germany, but still goes back to her homecountry many times. She will come to the expo to sell Palestinian embroidery, made by deaf people. Come and visit her EXPO stand. 


EUDY is a European non-profit making organisation whose membership comprises of national associations of deaf young people in Europe. Come and visit EUDY's EXPO stand.


Alicia Sort Leal, a artist who is behind a character, named Tais. Tais is a deaf and feminist woman who tells with humor the small stories that happen to all of us and criticizes openly the ignorant people in her world.

In her EXPO she will sell Tais books in english and in spanish! Also some postcards and posters about Tais! Check Tais via Facebook and Instagram. Come and visit her EXPO stand. 



Ruaridh Lever-Hogg, a Deaf Scottish painter and painted many things on canvas, especially on tartans. His work is representing for Scotland and get the recognition. See his website www.ruaridhleverhogg.comFacebook and Instagram. Come and visit his EXPO stand.

Simona Segimon Solanes' the biggest hobby is sewing and creating handmade products. In her EXPO she will sell little nice things: coins pouch, wallet, scrunchies and more! Come and visit her EXPO stand.


Margot Geursen is a tea drinker. She is always seeking for a new and amazing tea cups, but in the shop she's not finding any of special tea cups. So at her own she decorates special cups with plants from her living room.  Come and visit her EXPO stand.


Frontrunners is an international deaf youth training programme. Start in September and finishes in May, and this course is for you if you are innovative, not afraid to change, engage in discussions, and always are up for a challenge! Taught in International sign and English written language. For more information, check our website at www.frontrunners.dk or check our booth, to ask our Frontrunners ambassadors about Frontrunners in general, or Frontrunners sport, or about the taster week or our upcoming sport camp! See Frontrunner's Facebook and Instagram. Come and visit Frontrunner's EXPO stand!


European Deaf Youth Capital, EDYC2019 with their motto, short and yet powerful, 'Nothing Tops Deaf' will sell the  Nothing Tops Deaf stuffs, like t-shirts, sweaters and tea/coffee cups. Come and visit EDYC2019 EXPO stand.


Lisa van der Mark

Alicia Sort 

Splinter van Schagen